Meet Your Newly Optimized Planning Process

The financial planning process is often an intense and complex process that spans multiple business groups within most organizations and consists of many internally homegrown financial models and spreadsheets. The bulk of time seems to be spent on managing the process and coordinating tasks, to create a unified view from across the organization, rather than analyzing the results to enable improved business decision making—the original intent of the exercise.


SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud

SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud delivers a scalable, secure, and highly available cloud service — backed by 40 years of SAP experience. Take advantage of managed service offerings for ERP, CRM, business warehousing, and select custom and SAP partner applications. And speed time to value for your in-memory investments.


How Effective is Your Financial EPM? Step Two – Gather the Right Data that Drives EPM Financial Efficiency

Business software giant, SAP, is known worldwide for providing top-notch EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) applications for business. Many SAP customers recognize the value of an enterprise software investment but don’t always implement it to its full advantage  – leaving near-term profits and future opportunities on the table. RAMP Consulting, a SAP Enterprise Performance Management consulting…


BPS to BPC Conversion

Know the best way to migrate or install BPC while avoiding the unknown expenses of licensing while being positioned for future growth. RAMP Consulting can help you create a Planning and Forecasting process for operations, production, finance, sales and human resources. Your company will be able to run critical reports faster while being able to dynamically filter and sort data automatically instead of building reports from scratch.


RAMP Consulting Launches New Educational Initiative for Smart EPM Financial Solutions

Ramp Consulting, a SAP Enterprise Performance Management consulting company, announced today the launch of a new educational initiative, RAMP Consulting Business Insights, dedicated to informing customers about best business practices for EPM financial solutions. The new program provides guidance for large and mid-sized businesses deploying SAP EPM financial solutions.


How Effective is Your EPM Financial Solution? Four Steps to Discover Its Power

If you are like most CFOs, predicting the future is one of your biggest concerns. According to a study by CFO Research, in collaboration with SAP, not being able to anticipate future outcomes because of ever-changing business complexities was a top obstacle to strong financial management. But it’s often hard to sort out what data is critical to the future and how it can guide long-term planning.


Managed Services

Reduce the burden on your limited internal resources to perform the day-to-day care and feeding required to maintain an efficient data environment. Focus your IT staff on the bigger projects, and leave the management of the data environment to RAMP’s team of highly trained data experts.

By utilizing RAMP’s managed service you will have the peace of mind that your data environment is monitored and maintained 24/7, 365 days a year.


Profitability and Cost Management

Are you struggling with a quickly changing market? Do you want insight into the cost of each activity? Would actionable information help improve your return on investment (ROI)? RAMP Consulting can help you align your operational resources and compacity with demand so you can obtain deep insights into enterprise performance.

By leveraging proven technology and services methodology (which are unique in the marketplace), RAMP delivers valuable insights — more accurately, more quickly and at a lower cost than the competition.


Financial Planning & Consolidation

Whether you are dealing with short, medium or long term goals, RAMP partners with our customers to successfully translate goals into reality.

Our team of experts will collect and enhance your business requirements, resulting in improved business processes. RAMP blueprints the requirements and guarantees delivery at a fixed cost. From streamlining and automating a myriad of inputs into a financial close, we can help you improve your turnaround time with efficient coding that saves time and resources. Imagine how much more accurate your planning and forecasting will be when you have access to the financial close weeks earlier.