RAMP Consulting is comprised of experts in Forecasting and Analytics that deliver valuable SAP Enterprise Performance Management insights in real time, and at a lower cost than the competition.

We enable our clients to make intelligent, actionable business decisions via customized reports and dashboards for your specific environment. By leveraging these tools and expertise into more precise planning and forecasting abilities, RAMP’s clients can be more competitive and profitable today and in the future.

Why RAMP Consulting?

RAMP Consulting can help you with these types of projects, and more…

  • Simplify and automate financial consolidation and close processes.
  • Automate previously time-consuming financial tasks and processes
  • Run accurate financials against budget to quickly update forecasts and execute “what if” scenarios without changing the actual budget.
  • Append big data to corporate assets so that forecasts are more accurate.
  • Create customized data reports to provide visibility into the true cost structure of each product line.
  • Standardize and maintain application management tasks to keep data in top form (and reports running smoothly.
  • Define 5 year corporate goals, geared to achieving specific metrics with a particular market or product group.


RAMP is User Experience driven.  With a focus on simplification and integration, we improve our customers’ business processes while reducing the number of tools and manual efforts involved.  We ensure user adoption through our experienced business, functional and technical team of consultants


Our unique hybrid approach of managing the project locally and offshore, means that you have a team of experts working “round the clock” on your SAP reporting projects. You will definitely enjoy the benefits of this approach by experiencing lower costs and faster turn-arounds. 

3. Commitment

RAMP is committed to finish projects on time, and on budget.  Our strong project management and communications skills keep your project on track.  And, we GUARANTEE our work.

  • Their consultants were highly focused and to the point, their approach to our business problem was very professional and the solution to it very innovative.

    Director of Operations at a Fortune 500 Manufacturing Company

With a keen focus on improving your SAP Enterprise Performance Management deployment,  RAMP works with our clients to implement, enhance, and manage services for: Business Planning and ConsolidationDashboardingAnalytics

Our team is comprised of experts in Forecasting and Analytics with a consultative approach that delivers customized results for your specific environment.

As a registered SAP Partner, RAMP adds value by working with your Enterprise Performance Management system.  Utilizing native SAP tools, RAMP enables access to the Data that is collected across business units; turning data into knowledge.  Our solutions let you get more from your SAP EPM.